Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Sunrise

For the last few weeks, Megan and I have been meeting with two other people at our local football field/track with the commitment of 35-40 minutes of good, intense, and trust me sweaty cardiovascular workouts.

With the permission of the other two participants and my bride I will be posting video updates of our workouts along with the full list of our workout that day with hope that maybe others who find this blog will be motivated to join along with our journey to encourage and educate the world that anyone can change their lifestyle and change their attitudes towards fitness.

I will go ahead and warn you that some of my content will be spiritual so if that bothers you don't say I didn't warn you. I hope that you will find this page to be an encouragement for you.

Todays workout:

Warm Up (All done in 30 sec intervals)
High Knees-Wide Knees-Jump rope-Butt Kicks-High Knee Skips-Arm Circles-Hugs

Circuit 1 (All done in 30 sec intervals)
Prayer Squats-Heisman Jumps-Squat Jacks-Mountain Climbers

Circuit 2 (All done in 30 sec intervals)
Burpees-Frog jumps-Butt Kicks-Planks

Mountain Runs (repeat twice)
-Using the stairs in the football stands, run up some side, run across the top, down the next aisle and repeat throughout entire set of stands. Repeat this 1 time, we did a victory lap today.

Bicycles-In & Outs-Hip Rock & Raise-Leg Climbers-Mason Twist

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  1. Thanks for showing the way to fitness. Even though I groan, I am thanking you on the inside. :)