Monday, October 26, 2009

5:30 AM

So as I was getting my leggings on and tying my shoes preparing to head out the door for my quick morning 2.5 miler, I grabbed my beanie and secured it on my head, usually I would plug my eyes with my staple white ipod ear buds and start out the door. However today I decided to go music-less, I enjoyed it very much.

As I started off down the wet & windy road, my mind started going to work. I began to think about Megan and all of the school work she has in front of her this week. Would we be able to spend some quality time together this week or would it week come and go in a blur as usual. Passing the half mile mark, I began to think about the cars that were passing me. Who each of those people were and where are they going this early in the morning and what is on their minds.

At the mile mark I start into some neighborhoods and it gets very I start thinking more internally since I can't really see anything. I began to pray and thank God for this day and allowing me to be able to run, I start praying for the day and certain people who come to mind. I ask God for guidance and direction on our fundraising for Rome. At about the 1.75 mile mark I get some light back and stop to stretch my early morning tight muscles, it is very quiet at this point there are very soft noises that make this all the more relaxing and enjoyable.

2 Miles in, I start passing more cars, so my mind naturally goes to protection mode and strategic planning in case of a necessary bail out to the ditch. With the wind at my back it is a nice push to the end of my run. Nearing the end, I am thinking about my new business venture, something quite tasty.......

I have to admit I really enjoyed my non-ipod, early morning run. So I encourage you rhythm addicted runners such as myself. Take those ear buds out for a run and enjoy the music around you.

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