Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Just a Seson"

So I have to say I am loving this time of year, when the trees start to change into those gold, brown and red colors. the leaves start blanketing the ground. If only the clouds would dissipate and bring out the sunshine. I guess I can only wish so much.

Anyways I really do enjoy this time of year, maybe because it is nearing the holiday season. (I am a sucker for the Christmas season, thanks to my late grandfather). I also believe that around this time of the year there is much hope in the air for people. Not sure what it is, whether it is spiritual or just ambiance of the holidays. However it is very inspiring to witness in my mind.

So the titled phrase of this blog "just a season" is something that Meg and I have been hearing on a pretty regular basis and it's almost funny because we actually laugh about it quite a bit now when we hear it. But the great thing about it, is I really think it's God's constant reminder that life is just a season.....that we have very short moments to make the most of what we are doing or be with the people we are around. Don't waste those moments. As my dependence on God grows more each day I am learning that encounters with people are not coincidental they are strategically planned. So take a moment and spend some time with those you see everyday, ask them how life is, what you can pray for. Tell them about your life, give of your time to show compassion.

I am excited about what the next few months have in store, we are in a planning phase to go back to Rome and need lots of prayers......many logistics need to fall into place and much planning has to be done before we even step foot on a please say a prayer for us.....and remember whatever you are in right is "just a season".......Amen

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