Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall......

"Absence makes the heart grown fonder" isn't that how the phrase goes when you haven't seen someone for a long time or maybe it is when you are trying to avoid someone and that is what you tell them when you run into them at the supermarket...I am not sure.

Anyways I was informed by my beautiful, pregnant wife that I have not posted in a while and I needed to. So here we are in the last week of Summer, thank God....I am so ready for the changing of the seasons, and not just the weather but the changing of seasons in life. I am not sure about you and your life but it always seems like the changing of the weather seasons usually brings a change of season in my life.

Fall is quickly approaching as in this weekend, this is my favorite time of year leading up to the Christmas season. I love the changing of colors in the trees, the leaves that change from solid green, to yellow, to gold, to orange, to brown and then fall on the ground and whirl around in the wind. More than the colors changing I love the smells of fall. It seems like there is a natural smell to the changing of the plant life around us.

More than all that I enjoy running during this time of year. I can add a few more layers on in the morning due to the cooler temps, I can see my breath as I breathe. I can even smell frequent fireplaces burning, and it makes the morning ,post-run, coffee all the more tasty. I also feel more energized throughout the day considering I didn't sweat out half of my body weight before the sun came up.

What do you enjoy about the Fall Season?

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