Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Two Shoes & A Stroller

I realize the first rule of maintaining a blog is, maintain the blog. So I want to apologize for my absence and in the same words say hello again, it is good to be back.

Since starting this blog I wanted to dedicate these words to the motivation of positive change in my life, and certainly those who come across this page. Whether that is physical change, emotional change, spiritual change...etc.

Now I want to turn the spotlight not on my episodes of change, but showcase others who are experiences incredible change in their lives.

I start by throwing my fist in the air to celebrate with my beautiful bride. See just six weeks ago My Love fought and battled through 30 hrs of labor to welcome our amazing, little, blue-eyed pooper, Liv.

One day after receiving the all clear from her doctor Megan could not wait to lace up her shoes and head out the door for her first, post delivery run. This is something that has been on her mind for the last 4 weeks. It was driving her crazy that she could not step out that door and pound the pavement.

Well today is to you my Sweet Pea, I am so proud of you for unpacking the stroller on your own and introducing our baby girl to the beauty that is running. I am so excited for you and can't wait to run that 5K with you in September.

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