Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hop on the Ride

So over the last few weeks I have learned that change can be quite an emotional roller coaster. One minute I am feel up the next I am crashing hard. It's funny how we are a consumer group of people who are constantly looking for new and fresh but it seems that once we get it, it is almost as if we wish we had the old one back.

I understand that I am probably not making a lot of sense right now but I think most of you will more than likely grasp what I am saying since you have experienced it as well. Over the last few weeks I have been training for a new job which will be a great opportunity for me as well as very challenging opportunity, so my emotional radar has been all over the board.

My faith is being challenged to grow and depend more on God and the strength that he has created in me. I encourage you if you are going through emotional change right now, take a moment try to eliminate all the dreadful thoughts and have a solid moment with God. He knows all that you are going through. Most of all listen to what he has to tell you.


  1. I love you and I am so proud of you!

  2. Well said! A reminder to let Him work from our weakness.