Sunday, January 16, 2011

I read an article once that talked about the proper etiquete to blogging and when and why you should blog. The first rule it stated was you should blog at least once a week......let's stop right there, apparently I didn't understand rule number one. I want to apologize to all five of you who read this blog I am working on becoming more consistent.

My preggo, beautiful wife, Megan, has really taken to her site and is creating an incredible glimpse into our lives and what God is doing through her. Watching her create more of an online presence has really started making me look at why I blog, and more in depth...what am I looking to contribute through my blog?

I originally set this blog up under the title "Never stop seeking" not that long ago I changed it to "Be Change". My thought and desire at that time was to encourage those who might come across my site to step outside their comfortable, normal existence and dare to be great! I wanted to encompass everything that was important to me (Life, God, Family, Love, Running, Food). However I quickly found myself stumped at times wondering "how can I be profound in something I truly know little about?"

So over the next few post I want to start a journey, a journey to define change, not only literally but also to experience what true change in a persons life consist of. My church is currently doing a message series titled Masquerade. We are looking at areas of our lives where we live behind lies. Todays message was about changing your ways. It really struck me personally that I would like to look at change in my life. I am so hungry for spiritual knowledge, faith, understanding and strength right now that the only thing I can do is change. So over the next few post I want to look at change and hopefully be able to encourage you in areas of your life as well. Some of the information I will share will be from the message series I mentioned. I promise to be consistent with this as well.

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