Wednesday, July 29, 2009

AM Thoughts

So here we are again, it's early AM and I can't sleep. However there is a nice thunderstorm taking place outside so the background music is quite soothing, and Sam and I are holding down the cough. This week has been very interesting and mentally draining, however Megan and I went and met with Brian, Tina, Bree, and Spencer this evening at Aspen, it was a blast. Maybe the Mondo Granita is why I am still awake?.....probably should have considered that. 

I am really looking forward to Friday night, I believe God is given me a very special privilege and
I am looking forward to the experience. I believe heavily that change is on the horizon for Megan and I. I am anticipating some news to arrive very soon that will change things up for me a little bit and hopefully satisfy her as well. 

I am praying tonight for patience, understanding and "Horton" sized faith. Heavenly God you have never left me alone and I know you will never leave me in the future. Thank you for loving me. 

Jeff and Deanna are on my mind this evening. I hope things are going well for them in wintery Africa today. Well I am going to wrap this post up and try to get some sleep. Good Night

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