Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Next Please

So lately I have been very hesitant to get back on here and write something. My thought process lately has been very selfish and geared towards Megan and I's future. I have constantly been going to God for direction. I have such strong ambitions to work with those in need and lead people to Christ. I think so easily sometimes I tend to put God in a box and place limitations on his abilities and powers, which I think is very easy to do considering we as humans are only capable of few things. When God is capable of everything.

So why is it that I constantly wonder why God has me in a "holding tank". Why can't I just trust that he is doing something and preparing me for the next step. Does my mind not stretch that far? I strongly encourage anyone who ever might read these postings, If you are a Christ follower or not, I challenge you to stop for a moment think about the steps and phases of your life as much in detail as you can. Start writting down those details, as you go back over the details of your life I promise you will notice how each phase and step will amaze you as to how you got where you are.....if you are struggling with something maybe the steps of your life slowly led you down a dark street. Or maybe you have never been happier, and the steps of your life that you have chosen have blessed you beyond your imagination.

It is mind blowing how God strategically guides each one of us with the choices that are presented to us. One of my favorite things about our God is the fact that he enjoys it when we challenge him, thats right the God of the universe enjoys friendly challenges from his children. So I recommend that if you are a "prayer warrior" and you need a little change to your script. Challenge God with a particular area of your life, if you are anxious to find a new job and have been praying and praying for God to present you a new job.....maybe you need to dig deeper with your prayer maybe you should tell God that you need a job and are prepared to follow him wherever. Or maybe if you have been praying for a friend to come to know Christ and it just doesn't seem to be working out. Well maybe you should tell God that you are going to witness to that friend and you need him to give you the words to say.......I promise once you "kick it up a notch" in your prayer life you will start seeing changes.

Ok, so back to my orignal point...I tend to go off on tangents. If you are like me and are extremely impatient, give God your thoughts. Take some time to challenge him in your prayer life. And if you are not a follower and don't prayer that often.......maybe give it a shot, what do you have to lose. I will be doing my best to rely on God's perfect plan......and not force myself into it.

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  1. I once heard a speaker talk about the quiver. He and his friends were arrows in God's quiver. He got really frustrated that God kept pulling out his friends and shooting them off into their direction, but not him. He said he was the last one, but God taught him a lot in that quiver. I tend to tell myself that learning from watching those around me is my call right now. It is those lessons that will give me the strategies to navigate my way thru the direction that God lays out for His time.
    I totally agree. Writing it out is a great way to see God's footprints in our lives and give clarity to all the thoughts sitrring in our minds.