Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Sites

Trying to establish a running routine lately has been challenging, considering the move we just made and the Christmas travel it has been less than desirable to get back out on the road. Today I did just that, I stepped out the door and pounded the pavement. As I mentioned in previous post I enjoy my running in the early hours of the morning, I feel as though it helps me generate my day in a good direction.

However there is not always a lot to see along the dark miles of morning, although today was very nice. I came across a new dog...(he was interesting), ran by the city pool....(considered jumping the fence for a dip), and the coolest part of all I ran through the town square that was all lit up with Christmas lights. It was a great run to start the day!

Open your eyes and enjoy the view along your runs!!

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  1. That's good stuff BA, I love the morning runs, I feel like when we see things in a different light new and different things are revealed!