Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sudden Change

So the other day I was out on my first run since the marathon and I was trying to capture everything that has taken place over the last few weeks and suddenly I started thinking about hockey, now I am not really a hockey fan, but what I mean is I started thinking about how a hockey game can literally be in full action and a coach can decide to make a solid line up change as the puck is in play. So you could literally have 3-4 guys in the middle of play, climb over the wall to their bench as replacements are climbing onto the ice. A sudden change you might say.

Okay, that is a horrible explanation at an attempt to be clever as well. So let me just explain. About a month ago Megan and I decided it was time we start listen to God as he was calling us to move to Perry, OK. Yes I did say Perry, and yes I know it is a small town, just hang with me. So we started looking and found a couple of houses we sort of liked but not absolutely. Well one day while Megan was attending to her barista duties, Santa Clause told her that he had found a house that screamed "MEGS HOUSE" so we went to take a look and fell in love. Naturally I was convinced it would be well out of our meager budget, wrong......it was exactly in our budget.

Fast forward, we are on our way to our closing appointment, Megan and I both look at each other and say "are we sure this is what we want to do?" as if we really had an option at that point. But we both knew this was a road we needed to go down, why? we don't know. A week or so before the house closing I was contacted by a company about a job that I was interested in, which would be based in Perry, crazy how all this was coming together. That afternoon after closing on our house I was called by the company and offered the position.

Let's just say that Megan and I were quite overwhelmed with so much change at one time, it was hard for us to make a decision. Let's just say we both shed a few tears, mostly out of nervousness and anxiety. After a few days of emotion we were able to come down to reality and understand that this was a good step of faith for us. So I accepted the position and on January 5th will become a Sales Rep for Henderson Coffee Corp.

Life has happened so fast lately, things are changing, I can't believe Christmas is this Saturday and I can't believe I will have a child in April. To be honest I feel very blessed, life happens fast but thankfully we have a God who promises eternity. Hope you enjoy the life that happens around you.


  1. Hey Brandon, change is the new constant. You should know that...haha!!