Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My alarm clock is ringing and I can't move...

Have you ever been so sore that you can't hardly move in the mornings. Or you know your feet are on the ground but you can't really feel them. Or how about when your alarm clock is sounding off, screaming at you to get out of bed but for some reason you can't really move your body to turn it off? That was me this morning!

As the alarm was going off, luckily it was music so not so annoying, I tried to lift my arm up to turn off the alarm but for some reason it would not budge. See usually I have no problem turning off the alarm pretty much the instant it begins, not today. Long story short, I managed to work my way to turning off the alarm, woke Megan up and we shuffled our way out of bed. This morning I had a tempo run that I needed to perform and I was dragging at the start.

Shortly after Megan left to head to the coffee shop I headed out on my 5 mile tempo run. Starting was rough, I was stiff and sore, and well I will just admit still asleep. Today I had a hand-held water bottle to keep me cool (Thanks Bill!!) and I used it quite a bit to splash me down and to wake me up.

My run ended well, I got the time that I needed, and ended the workout with a nice cool quarter mile walk back home. My advice today is ice down your knees, thighs, and calf muscles shortly after you complete your workout. I know the ice is painful but just think of the nasty heat outside. I promise if you do ice for 15-20 minutes your recovery will be so much better. As you can tell I did not ice two days ago and it bit me in the butt today.

Keep up the good work!!

God is Good!!

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