Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yoga anyone?

"Who would ever do yoga?" "I mean only crazy people who like to hum to themselves do that" that is exactly what I used to say to myself when I first heard of yoga and definitely when I first saw people who were doing yoga. "You do all these hmmm's and bend and shape your body, why would you do that?"

I have to say that I have changed my thinking of yoga. I actually did yoga this morning and strongly recommend it to all runners who aren't doing yoga. I am probably one of the few runners who hasn't been doing yoga. I promise it is weird at first but it will definitely improve your flexibility and your overall posture and body strength.

There are many great ways to find out about yoga, I recommend going to and learning about runners yoga. I have been doing the Yoga DVD from P90X but it is pretty tough and time intensive.

so get out your old workout tights and ditch those shoes for some barefoot yoga!!! it's worth it I promise.

let me know what you think?

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