Friday, August 6, 2010

Never too old to run in the sprinkler.

As a kid I remember specifically one summer day, my brother and I were stuck at home to entertain ourselves. It was a very hot & sticky day, we didn't' want to be stuck indoors and we as any other young kid knew that the solution to our entertainment involved "Water". Now we did not have a swimming pool, unless you want to count our 10K gallon feeding trough. So we decided to set up our slip-n-slide. Yes all was right in the world! So we played and played in that slip-n-slide until we had made a nice mud patch in our neighbors yard....needless to say mom and dad weren't so happy. The next day we were signed up for day camps..haha

This morning as I was out on my short run, even though it was a much cooler morning than usual I was still quite hot and sweaty. I happen to run upon a restaurant that was watering their grass. The side walk that I was running on happen to be drenched with water and I was noticing the path of the sprinklers were going to cover me with water as I kept running, all of a sudden those memories of growing up during the summer came back to me. I ran through those sprinklers, got a little wet, cooled down and continued on my way.

August is hot!! If you are out running in it I recommend detouring off your planned route to find some yards being watered. Staying cool and hydrated is very important. I also recommend running early in the mornings. If you do decide to run through a sprinkler, be careful not to soak your shoes, you definitely don't want to get blisters......oh and don't wake up your neighbors!

have fun and keep running!!

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