Monday, August 2, 2010

16 Weeks and Counting.....Day 1

After computer issues and writer's block, and well I will just list several excuses that could possibly make me not look so bad since I have not posted in a long time. Anyways through all of that jibberish I am saying that I am back, my posts will resume.

Today starts my 16 week training plan for the Route 66 Marathon that takes place on November 21st. Over the last few weeks I have been planning my training schedule, mapping my routes and preparing for bad weather days. So yesterday I was getting very excited looking forward to waking up at 5 and heading out the door.

It's funny how excitement for each of us is different, usually when I am excited I can't sleep and that is just what happened last night. I last remember looking at the clock at 12:05 thinking wow...this is going to be fun in the morning!!...great attitude huh?

So as I stumble around this morning getting ready to head out for my 6 mile, easy pace run Megan is getting ready to head to Perry to volunteer at a coffee shop. She is very excited to be doing that, she has been talking about it all summer long, and today is her day. Meanwhile I am trying to wake myself up to make sure I can squeeze out these 6 miles.

I say goodbye to Meg, watch her drive off and then start following the road leading to my start point. I am doing great during the run, the sad thing is I can still feel heat coming off the asphalt at 5am (fall can't come sooner). Around 3 miles, I start to get into a good feel of things, I made one stop to stretch and then continued on. Well at around the 4.5 mile mark I came upon an older gentlemen probably in his mid-late sixties. He was running too, I strolled up next to him and gave him a few words of encouragement and we actually ran together for a while. He had a shirt on that read "Running Challenge" after a little conversation he told me he was training for a local 5k coming up. I was encouraged by this man, beyond me in years but still pounding the pavement with great effort. Shortly after that I ended my 6 miles. Cooled off and started my day.

Marathon Training Checklist
1. Shake the Nerves and Excitement........check
2. Get plenty of sleep.....................working on it
3. Drink lots of water.............................check
4. Have Fun!!!

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