Friday, November 19, 2010

Patience is a Virtue.....What?

So I have never really been a very patient person. Standing in lines at an amusement park drive me crazy, there is nothing amusing about that. Sitting at a red light when there is no one else at the intersection is painful. Standing 4 people deep at the grocery store check out line while someone digs through all their possessions for 5 cents just floors me. Okay so you get my point, here I am two days before my race and the minutes seem like hours, the hours like weeks. Come ON!!!

(Note to self.....become more patient).....which is very funny because a strong tactic for running a long distance race is patience, understanding your body and when to make your adjustments. Trying to establish your pace and your body mechanics is a very time demanding challenge which why am I so horrible at this minor challenge?

I think I am simply excited. I have been out of the sport for almost three years and I am eager to jump back in. Also I am attempting a new personal record, bottle that all together with fear and anxiousness and that is my situation as I write. It's okay to be impatient and excited at this point, considering all the work you put into training.

Are you an impatient person?

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