Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thats a Wrap!!!

On August 2nd I began my 16 week training schedule that I had created during the summer months. First of all let me just throw in a quick word on the importance of developing a training schedule if you are planning to attempt any kind of long distance race. This is a great way to create a visual goal and allow yourself to see your progress along the way. I will be honest training can be fun if you make it fun.

Now I digress in saying that sticking to your training schedule is another issue. I designed my schedule to be pretty intense with some speed work being the consistency of my midweek workouts. I would be lying if I said that is exactly what i did. Again, by throwing in a spring tri, a 5k, and a 15K my training took many shapes and forms throughout it's duration. However I am happy to say it is complete, as of 6:42 this morning I logged my last training mile.

If you are just beginning to run or maybe your are still considering this sport, your training is something that can become another relationship in your life. In my case, I do my training in the early morning hours, so this tends to be the start of my days. For so long it because natural to wake up to a dark room, lace up and head out the door. For others it can be known as your lunch hour, or your free time after the kids go to bed. Training is very time demanding but can be an incredible time in your journey.

Training can also be frustrating and tiresome. 16 weeks is a long time, especially when you go through season/weather changes. Some days your are more than excited to pound the pavement, others you just force yourself to knock out some miles. I guarantee the whole way you will learn things about yourself and what you are capable of. I will be honest I am so happy today was my last training day. Now the I just get to have Fun on race day!!

Do you have a great Training Story?

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