Monday, July 12, 2010

Am I sweating or is that the humidity?

So yesterday morning, I set out on a quick little before church, jog. No real expectations in mind, just planned on running a few miles and calling it a decent workout. Well half way through the run, I had to stop for a a minute or so I was gasping for air but all it seemed I was getting was moisture. By the time I got back to my house I knew I was sweating but was not sure how much of the moisture on my body was sweat and how much was the humidity.

I can't stress enough how much water you need to be drinking during this type of weather. If you are training or running on a regular basis, your body is using more fluids than you normally would and therefore you need to replenish.

With our Staycation at a close it was tough to go back to work today, What an amazing week Megan and I had working on projects at home and spending time with our friends at their new coffee shop they are now running. It is truly amazing to me how God works and how he places people in your life that you have no idea will be such an influence on you. I hope to be that way for others.

Happy Monday and welcome back to training if you took the weekend off.

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