Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Random Two!!

I wanted to follow up with something from my last post. I wasn't really sure how well it would go over but I think it went pretty good. So I wanted to share this with you as well. Last week I was walking out of my building on campus headed to drop a letter off at the post office, as I was walking back into the building I noticed two gentlemen sitting out on the porch of the building. they were both facing each other and one was obviously interviewing the other. There was a camera there as well to capture the conversation. Then I noticed a bicycle next to the two and on the back of the bike was a sign that read http://www.fightobesityride.com/. So once I returned to my office I took a quick minute and checked out the website.

Scott Poindexter is a Chiropractor from Denver. He has lived quite an active lifestyle and has promoted that amongst those he is around. Now he has taken it a step further and is in the middle of a Summer long campaign to prevent childhood obesity. He is riding his customized bike 3500 miles across the country to raise significant awareness and hopefully change when it comes to fighting childhood obesity. I don't want to tell you too much about him, I think you should check out his site for yourselves, but he started his ride in San Francisco and will end in Washington D.C. He plans to meet with political leaders at that time.

Check it out, click on the link above.

Second thing: My wife who desires to run with me and participate in races has a minor set back in her training, she has a rare situation where her legs all of a sudden start itching and itching uncontrollably. I have seen it make her scratch her legs until they are raw......My reason in mentioning this is to see if anyone knows what maybe causing that and if there is a solution.

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