Thursday, July 15, 2010

Setbacks....they happen

My 4 month training start date is quickly approaching. I am starting to put my training schedule together and mapping out my distance runs as well as putting together my plans for cross training and bad weather days. If you are training for the first time or looking into running a race, these are good things to have in mind so that when you are getting started you have no question as to what you are to do on a specific day and also how to handle days that the weather won't let you be outside.

So I have a day in mind when my training will begin (August 2nd) and I am starting to get my schedule put together. I am getting really excited because this race will allow me & Megan to travel to Boston next April if I qualify. I am getting anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time.

Just a couple of weeks ago we found out that my cousin is engaged and plans to get married in early November, we are so excited for them and look forward to adding to our family. They are a great couple and will do some amazing things for God throughout their marriage. Lately I found out they are looking to move the date due to some of the bride's friends who cannot attend the original date. Now it looks like the date they are planning on getting married is the evening before my qualifier. I was so excited to hear they are getting married and then felt very torn in my stomach about what we should do.

I am still having a difficult time determining what Megan and I should do. A large part of me wants to be at the wedding because my cousin means so much to me. However my selfish side says this could be your only chance to qualify for the Boston. So today my post is not so much advice (if I truly ever give advice) but it is more of me putting my thoughts down.

I believe there are many times that we put plans in place and we work to achieve something that we desire, however our desires and God's desires are rarely the same. I encourage you to look at maybe some setbacks in your life not in disgust but in true curiosity, and start asking God what it is he is using that setback to teach you.

I know we will make our decision and life will go on, but I truly believe that sometimes setbacks get thrown in front of us for better and not just to ruin our plans, but possibly to better them.


Have you experienced a setback?

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