Friday, June 18, 2010 12

I still remember the first time that I played basketball, the first time that I got in trouble with my parents for lying, I remember the first fight I had with my best friend, and I certainly remember my first date that I had with my wife Megan.

There are so many firsts that we experience that either we look back on and smile or we hang our heads in embarrassment or shame. I remember the first cross country race I ran as a Junior High kid. it was on a course that was mostly grass and mud. I remember the excitement I had leading up to the gun, and nerves that were running through my body and the game plan I had running through my head, "Don't slow down"...haha...I wasn't much of a tactical runner yet.

I started off running at my normal pace but quickly learned that most were hitting it considerably harder than I expected so I picked up my pace as well. Eventually to gain some ground on the leading pack. Right before the 9K mark we entered into a football stadium, where the final stretch was on a cushioned sprint track and I decided that's exactly what I will do. So I picked up my pace tremendously and notched out the final 1000 meters in a heated sprint crossing the finish line with my chest protruding dominantly before the rest of my body to nudge out several others in which I claimed 9th place. I will never forget that day, that being the day I fell in love with running.

My first marathon will always be a day I will remember. I was more than excited, motivated and anxious to start. Throughout the race I remember each turn, each street I went down. There were so many people along the streets screaming out in support and and every now and then someone would spray us with their water hose to cool us off. There were bands playing at different locations, the hydration stops were in perfect locations, the food was even quite enjoyable, as much as food can be during a race. I remember my family and friends meeting me at different locations to pat me on the back and cheer me on. I remember the people I met along the way, others who were running their first marathon as well. I definitely remember the last stretch of the race as well, taking out my headphones just in time to hear my name called out as a first time marathoner....and then crossing the finish line and breaking down in tears like a little child.

I will never forget that day, as well as the emotions and excitement that went along. I want to ask you what are some of your first that you remember and what are some first that you are looking forward to? I am looking forward to finishing this next marathon in a qualifying time and then making my trip to Boston.

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