Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Transformation, Initiation.......

This word has been in my head today, probably because it was majority of the conversation between a good friend and myself last night. We were talking about Community Transformation. Looking at what can happen when certain parties join together and start working for a common goal. With a mission in mind and a powerful force of people, message, and resources a transformation can take place.

Referencing my post yesterday about Kevin and his goal of breaking 3:00 at the Richmond Marathon, at some point in Kevin's life he had to make a decision to become a dedicated runner, not just in his schedule but in his lifestyle choices. Kevin mentioned also in the article about his father being an avid runner and running in over 30 marathons. Obviously this is something that Kevin can recall very vividly and probably initiated a trane of thought in his mind to make him in some fashion want to follow in his father's foot steps.

I remember when I went to college, I quickly decided I wanted to pursue a healthy lifestyle. You always hear about the freshmen 15, well I had fully decided that was not going to happen to me. As I have spoken in previous posts, running soon became a comforting part of my life. Along with deciding to start logging miles, I had to adjust certain things in my lifestyle. My diet, my sleep schedule, my social time, attitudes, and perceptions. All of this that was my lifestyle had to be transformed.

Becoming a runner is not just being able to say you laced up, pinned on a bib, calibrated your chip, and crossed the finish line. There is a transformation that consumes you when you become a runner. From the first few excruciating, introductory miles, to the finish line banners time after time. You become part of something that is almost beyond words. Runners are a breed of community driven, health conscious, extremist who endure the pain for the sake of pushing themselves beyond what their minds will allow to them to comprehend and understand. Running is a community, and it has an open door policy. Always accepting applications and always encouraging growth. Start your transformation now!!

Today I swam for 40 minutes.....I was exhausted!!

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