Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hydration Calories

Although Terrell Owens has long been seen as a somewhat par wide receiver with a showy, self indulged demeanor. There is one thing that can not be denied, he is a very well sculpted athlete who cares tremendously for his fitness and health. I can't say that I agree with T.O. on much but I do respect him in huge part when it comes to taking care of his body. While reading an article not so long ago that described some of T.O's training he does on a regular basis as well as healthy "choices" that he makes I read something that really caught my attention. The question of carbonated beverages came up, such as Coke, or Pepsi products and T.O.'s response was definitely one that I could relate with, he said "I Like food, I like to eat all kinds of healthy food, but why would I drink my calories?" and I agree, now I will admit yes I do drink several calories. However I strongly recommend avoiding "soda" or "pop" which ever you like to call it.

Especially if you are trying to shed a few pounds and can't seem to figure out what is keeping you from doing so. Guess what? Even if you are still drinking diet soda that will keep those pounds from moving, except maybe up. I know personally of an individual who stopped drinking pop and within 3 months lost 25lbs. Lifestyle changes are what I am talking about, not diets or seasonal experiments, REAL CHANGE. So my rant for today is put down that fizzy cup of suffocating sugar and start drinking some cold, fresh, filtered water. I also recommend finding a low sugar sports drink that works well with your stomach. If you are a coffee drinker that is okay, just stay away from the double shot, super frothy, mocha, carmel machiato and stick with black coffee with little cream and sugar.

In all seriousness, really start looking at what you are putting into your body and think about your hydration because that is key in refueling for a run. Food is essential, but proper hydration can really effect how your body functions. So bottoms up on your transparent, pale green colored Nalgene bottle and keep drinking that H2O.


  1. I gave up my diet-coke-2-a-day habit cold turkey and haven't regretted a day. Although the month after that I wanted it really, really bad, I am a better person for it. Now I don't miss it. At all!!