Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Can See!!! day 20

A good friend of mine just completed a half marathon back in April where he blew his PR out of the water by more than twenty minutes. Now some of you who are runners may say wow, that's not bad and some may even say so what. But here is the kicker, he is not a consistent runner and had not been training. That is what grabbed my attention. See my friend is starting to train for Sprint Tris and does more biking and swimming than running. So this gave me an idea to start doing just that. Well I started swimming a few weeks back, however I did not have any goggles, and I also found out that I am a horrible swimmer.

I remember being in the pool the first day doing some warm ups, and in walks this woman and man. As they lower themselves down into a lane she pulls a rolodex of laminated work-out cards from her back pack along with a cap and nicely protected goggles. Then before I can even get a good look at what her goggles even look like she is under the water and gone. Quickly moving to the other end of the 25 meter distance she quickly goes under, twists and heads back towards the starting wall. As I sat there gathering my breath, and I will admit my strength back they both hammered out 200 meters which I can only assume was a warm up.

Needless to say I was put in my place. I am not a swimmer, I love being in the water, however I believe my technique is nowhere near competitive. My intent is to build lung capacity and give my legs a good workout in a non impacting fashion. With that being said I have to share some of my excitement today. I decided I needed some good goggles to wear in the pool, so thanks to and Megan's permission I found some good quality goggles for a cheap price.

So today I jumped in the pool ready to knock out at least a half mile......ok maybe not, I probably felt like I could but I was only able to anguish through 550 meters in 40 minutes....No Laughing No's pathetic I know....but I am going to get better. I have already summoned Michael Phelps for personal training, I just don't think he responds to Facebook messages. With all that being said I think my point today, I am not sure, is get you some good equipment for whatever you are training for, there are plenty of great sites out there to buy good stuff for lower prices, see below.

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