Thursday, June 24, 2010

Indulgence or Sweet Reward? 17

"That chocolate chip cookie looks so good, or I could have the key lime pie. Or if I wait until lunch I could have some ice cream. but I probably shouldn't it's not part of my training." A few years ago I found myself in this tough situation as maybe others of you have too. I was on a cruise with my family and the entire time I was surrounded by unbelievable food choices, at all times of day too. I constantly had conversations like this with myself. Usually ending up with me eating something and being frustrated. Here I am training for a specific goal and I ruined it by eating this dessert. I am sure you can relate with this at some point as well.

I read an article recently about Chris Carmichael, Chris is the long-time coach, nutritionist and friend to Lance Armstrong. Of course Lance being the 7 time Tour de France Champion. In the article Chris talks about the significance of a close relationship between diet and training he says "Diet and training are so closely intertwined, they can't be separated." Basically, to succeed in your training, and to hit your goals you need to be just as focused on your diet as you are your training.

Chris goes on to mention breaking your training up into "periodizations" (you break your training year into "periods" with different goals) which should also include what is on your table. He recommends that as your training demand increases your percentages of carbs and proteins should adjust as well. He recommends a ratio of 1 part protein to 7 parts carbohydrates. It's not about eliminating one food over the other, it's about choosing the right foods and right portions.

But what about the sweets?

Chris goes on to say that even his nutritional strategy leaves room for indulgences. He himself spoons into some Ben & Jerry's on occasion and Lance can't pass up an apple fritter. I myself love to indulge in a blueberry bagel with PB&J from my favorite local bagel shop. My wife, Megan, has a hard time passing up on some homemade ice cream and chocolate syrup. Being consistent with your training schedule is crucial and maintaining the right diet is just as important, but you should definitely allow some room for indulgences or as I tell myself.... sweet rewards for a hard workout.

What is your indulgence?

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