Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Time For 11

A time for today I have been reading from Ecclesiastes chapter 3. Some of you might do as I did when I started reading it and find yourself humming the words to The Byrds song "Turn Turn Turn". Read it and see if you do.

Anyways I find it interesting and this may sound like I am going to deep into the subject but God definitely has a season for everything under the sun, There is a time for every activity of our lives. Nothing that we do has been put before us to just shrug off, although I do sometimes.

Every action that I do whether good decision or bad has been carefully plotted by a power much greater than me, God is in our every move and every thought, however there are different factors or our life that sway us one way or another.

I believe my passion towards running and being active is for a greater reason than my small little mind can understand. I believe my reasoning for having such a desire and strong pursuit or running the Boston Marathon is not for my own good, or for my own satisfaction but for something predetermined and planned way before I even ran my first mile.

I believe I can use my running knowledge and enthusiasm towards the sport to do better things for those around me. I want to encourage you to look at the passions that are in your life and what are ways you can use them to help or encourage those around you. Share what you have been given.

today my training consisted of a spin routine and StairMaster. I have been absent for a few days and promise to make up my lack of posts.

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