Monday, June 21, 2010

IN a rut, and no sight 14

So I want to start by apologizing for being so many days off. I was out of town last weekend as well as this weekend, and my attempt at this 365 quickly has failed, but I have decided I am going to stay focused on what my ultimate goal is through this blog, and that is to voice my thoughts, my frustrations, my advice, my questions and my passion towards the sport of running while I am training to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

The last few days I have been doing research on other races to run, I have been planning to qualify this November at the Route 66 run in Tulsa. However I read a story last month in RW about a guy who qualified for the Boston in July but waited til November to register for the race only to find that he had been closed out. The Race has grown tremendously in popularity and they cap it at around 26K participants. Which really kind of frightened me when I read that, because I am putting a lot of pressure on this one race in late November which is less than 5 months from the gun in Boston.

Megan recommended that I start looking for other races, earlier races. So I did just that, however being in Oklahoma there are not very many marathons in driving distance. So my frustration is mounting, my training is going as well as I think it can for late June, however I am very frustrated with the idea that I could possibly qualify at this race in November but not be able to run Boston in April.

I am feeling very much in a rut, I am very passionate about running and the possibilities that it can provide. So I would say I am very much in a rut, Megan is feeling the same. So I am sorry but today I don't have any great advice and actual on the opposite I am seeking some good advice. I am looking for some recommendations from anyone who may come across this post and can offer some words of motivation or advice. Thank You!!

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