Thursday, June 10, 2010

Put down the fast food!!

So I knew this would be more of a challenge than I expected. What I am saying is I forgot to post yesterday. I got wrapped up in several things and managed to forget my commitment to this blog.

Today I am really craving a good run. Lately I have been wrestling with God on several things and I could use a great run today. My race is not for another 5 months but I am really anxious for a race. I may have to look into a 10 or 15K between now and then.

So I was thinking about what to talk about today and the thing that is on my mind and something I am very passionate about is, obesity. I look around at our nation and how fast paced we have become and how much we desire quick response. Which means fast meals, quick service, no time wasted. But on the opposite I see the lack of effort in some areas and it bothers me to think that this will be the environmental norm when my kids are growing up.

One of mine and Megan's favorite TV shows is "The Biggest Loser" it is such an amazing, and emotional show, to see people who weigh so much and feel as though their lives are near the end be able to lose massive amounts of weight and gain a whole new life. Each season brings new people and larger starting weights. I told Megan that I fear that people could potentially be gaining weight just to try and make it on the show. But I would rather not assume that.

I really do feel for people who struggle with their weight and who can't seem to understand why they can't lose weight or why they are the size they are. There are so many people these days who have horrible diets and don't bother to pay attention to what they put in their mouths or even the amount they put in their mouths and that bothers me. Also there are those people who are very cautious but still can't seem to win the battle.

This is why I am a strong supporter of teaching active lifestyles at an early age, of course there is youth sports leagues and the local YMCA but I believe we need curriculum within our schools and even as a part of college degree plans. I know I am way off subject today, but this is weighing on me heavily, no pun intended. I believe everyone deserves the opportunity at a healthy life, but they need to be educated.

This is why running can be such a united experience for many, running allows you to vent your frustrations, to scream out about your unhappiness with your body, but at the same time it allows you to peel away those layers of unhappiness and start to experience a new skin, a new lifestyle, a fresh breath of clean air. Not everyone is meant to run marathons, or chalk up 100 mile training weeks. However I almost guarantee after you lace up and fight through those first few miles or first few kilometers you will suddenly feel a change come over you that is addictive and life changing.

My training today consisted of light weight training, and 300 meters in the pool. I am a horrible swimmer but I love it.

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