Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Shared Effort......day 19

Okay, so I have completely failed on this 365 effort. I would try to verbally vomit some kind of lame excuse to make up for my inconsistency but it would be just that, an excuse. I am going to try to stay committed to this. It totally slipped my thought process yesterday. I apologize!!

So I was thinking about what to write today and I realized thanks to other blogs that I have read that it is nice to share information from articles to those who might share the same goal or interests. I also realize that although my mom thinks I am a good writer not everyone shares the same thought. And there are great articles out there to share. So I think at times here and there I will share links to other articles that I have read that I think are good to pass along. If you totally hate this idea please let me know.

I completely enjoy sharing my thoughts and encouragements to others but also understand that my realm of knowledge is not quite mature as many others, so I should pass along information that I gain while reading. So today please enjoy this great article found at MSN's health & fitness page.


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