Thursday, June 3, 2010

Why Boston? Why Now?

The Boston Marathon has been something that has been a goal of mine for a while now. I have been a casual runner for the majority of my life and have really only been into long distance for about 5 years now. However after running my first marathon I was hooked and wanted to accomplish much more. I manged to better my time and really wanted to push myself. Obviously when you think of marathons there is one that comes to mind that even the least of runners can recall and that is the Boston Athletic Association Marathon...which is the oldest annual run.

I decided to set my sites on qualifying for this race, and in doing so I would need to tally a qualifying time of sub 3:10:59. For those who may not know, qualifying for the race is determined by your age as well as a current official race time from an official qualifying race. For my age the above time is what I would need to secure from my qualifying race. Well this year I plan to do just that at the Route 66 Marathon in November.

From those that I have received advice and coaching from have recommended that I should maintain my time and just wait until I get older so that my qualifying time is a bit broader. Which probably makes a lot of sense but I don't want to do that. I want to go to Boston soon, and I know I can qualify so that is what my focus is.

My running goals are really to run in as many major marathons as I can over my life. NY is on my list as well as Disney, San Diego, Rome, London, and maybe even some ultras. We will see. Please join me on my journey

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