Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Can't Train, what can I do? 13

This weekend I have not been able to do much training, Megan and I traveled with her parents to San Antonio to visit her brother, his wife, and their son. I love San Antonio, this is a great place to vacation if you are deciding on places. Our hotel has been full of families who are swim suit dressed and I assume either headed to a water park or Sea World. It has been a great trip, Jeremy pitched last night and we got to spend some good time with them this weekend.

However on trips like this when you are unable to spend time training it can get make you feel as though you have been set back. However on days that you are unable to train I recommend focusing on other aspects of your fitness, primarily your diet. Just like during the holidays, long weekends with no caution to your diet can really have a negative affect on any ground you feel as though you have gained during the week. So I would recommend writing down what you are eating and keeping track of the calories you consume, that will help you adjust your training once you get back into your routine.

Also choices are crucial when you are not able to do your normal training routine. I recommend always taking the stairs if you can. or if you are going to go shopping, park in the back of the parking lot and get a few more steps in. Also get the family out and go for a long walk together, therefore no time lost together. Be creative on your days that you are not able to train.

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